G. Crashed when AutoPIPE command, Tool> Model Consistency Check, was used

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT;
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Area: Crashed
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Dec. 2015


With a given model opened in AutoPIPE, after pressing Tools> Model Consistency Check the program crashes, why?


 There are a number of reasons why this issue may occur, below are know issues and fixes:

Reason #1:

The program hangs when performing consistency check on segment and does not return the control. A segment that contains only one point with invalid data can cause the crash. Search the model for all segments and remove any segments that has only node point.

The CAE development team has been unable to repeat in creating a model with this issue, but knows how to fix the problem once it occurs. If anyone has any steps to repeat that causes this problem, please log a Bentley Service Request and send the details for review. 

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