05. How good are the results from TTA?

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How good are the results from TTA?


TTA results are based on the calculations that originally appeared in ADLPipe. ADLPipe provides verification or correlation of its results with published data. In case of thermal transient analysis, dT1 and dT2 wall gradients are compared with results of dT1 and dT2 published in "Transient Thermal Gradient Stresses" by Ernest B. Branch in "Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning, Vol. 43, 1971, pp. 132-136" which were calculated using a simplified infinite flat plate model. The results compared well. Similar comparisons were performed for temperature dependent fil coefficient values with published values. The verification on AutoPIPE side is that the results generated by AutoPIPE shall match with those generated by ADLPipe which has been verified against published data.

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