File not found error while loading Leica DBX data

Product(s):InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
Area: Survey



When running the Survey>Fieldbook>Load>Leica DBX... command, I get the following import when the data is imported:

"File not found!\nTo use these files, copy them to the correct directory and process again.\n"


This error message is only referring to the GPS\Geoid files and the GPS\CSCS files.  The Leica prinfpc executable may need these files to process the data into the correct format, systems, units, etc.    This warning message just means that the program did not locate these files in the following folder paths with the root being the job path :




for versions (ss3 refresh) and earlier, just copy the .gem file to the dgn folder (working directory).

The Geoid information comes from the data collector