Placing Symbol Signs


OpenRoad SignCAD 2023




Original Author: 

Bentley Global Technical Support 

Introduction:  The instructions and video below show how-to place symbol signs in OpenRoads SignCAD.

Step 1:  In OpenRoads SignCAD, pick Place>Symbol to bring up the Place Symbol dialog. OpenRoads SignCAD includes the national MUTCD General Information, General Service and Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Signs.

Step 2:  The Place Symbol dialog preview shows the I-5 Airport symbol sign. Select Size 30"x30" from the drop-down and left-click on the workspace to place the symbol sign.


Step 3: You can filter the symbol library by Series, Name, Code and Size. The Name and Code fields also allow keyword searches to find the symbol sign you are looking for. Left-click in the Name field and type Bus to bring up all of the bus symbol signs.