How to update custom XSL reports to operate within new workspace environment

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Reports



How do I modify my custom xsl reports to work with the new Report configuration?


Two variables addressed in this wiki were introduced to allow for Reports to be used and stored within ProjectWise. Both the old way (CIVIL_REPORTS_DIRECTORY) and the new way (CIVIL_REPORTS_SUBDIRECTORIES, CIVIL_REPORTS_RESOURCES) are supported locally. Only the new way allows for ProjectWise integration. We recommend moving forward with your workspace with these two new variables. If you have custom xsl reports, you will have to do some additional tweaking for them to work with these two variables.

Step One:

Go to the location of the Themes (default: C:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition\OpenRailDesigner\Default\Reports\_Themes). The contents of the CIVIL_REPORTS_RESOURCES subfolders all need to be underneath the CIVIL_REPORTS_RESOURCES folder location. So copy/paste or move everything to one location. You need to modify the names of the .css files to something distinct. You can see below this was changed to blutheme.css and engtheme.css.

Step Two:

Open the custom XSL you need to update. Change the $xslRootDirectory to point to $xslResourceDirectory. (CIVIL_REPORTS_RESOURCES defines $xslResourceDirectory). Make sure the .css you are pointing to reflects the name change from step one. Repeat this for each custom xsl you have.