Reality Mesh is not visible after attachment

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer / OpenRail Designer
Area: Reality Modeling
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group



When reality mesh is attached in the dgn file. In the Reality Model Attachments section, it shows that the reality mesh is attached but it is not visible in the dgn model.


This issue occurs if the reality mesh is attached to the 2D model, the Reality modes must be attached to the 3D model.

To resolve the issue make sure that you are in the 3D model and while attaching the reality model the 3D model is selected/activated.

To create a 3D dgn file, While creating a new file make sure to select the 3D seed file.

If you must work in the dgn file which is 2D and does not have any 3D model, In that case you can use following workaround.

• Create a Temporary alignment.
• Create a profile for this alignment.
• Set the profile as active profile.
• In the View 1, Right click and select "View Controls" > "2 Views Plan/3D" > Two views will be opened
• Click in the View 2, Model-3D > When we click in the 3D view notice the Top Bar and next to the file name [3D-V8 DGN] will be shown.
• Now click on the attach mesh and attach the required reality mesh.
• Once the reality mesh is attached successfully you can delete the temporary alignment.