Create iModel from .sp file (Existing projects)

  1. Go to Administration > Manage iModel and click New.

  2. Enter the project Name and browse or drag and drop the .sp file to the select file window.

  3. Check the box to Set up this iModel for scheduling service. This will prepare the iModel to be opened from SYNCHRO 4D and set up a scheduling repository for collaborative workflows. Select the version of SYNCHRO 4D you want the iModel created on.

Note: While a SYNCHRO Control project supports multiple iModels, only one iModel can be set up for scheduling service. If you need to upload a new .sp file for any reason, this will become the new 4D iModel and the previous iModel would no longer be accessible by 4D.

  1. Click Create. For a large .sp file it may take time for the conversion to finish. After the iModel is created, you will see that it is marked Primary and 4DPrimary marks the first iModel created. 4Didentifies that the Set up this iModel for scheduling service has been enabled and is the Model that will be opened by SYNCHRO 4D.
  1. When the blue status bar disappears and "Synced" is shown under the iModel name with a timestamp, it is ready to be viewed.
  1. After the iModel is created, you can open it in SYNCHRO 4D. You may also wish to customize permissions for project member roles and add additional users.