Netsys annotation - displaying unusual results

 Product(s):Hevacomp Mechanical Designer
 Version(s):V8i (N/A)


Duct or Pipe property notes show unusual or unchanging results when you size your system.


During the design process of a schematic it is a common technique to use temporary system markers during the process to check parts of the schematic. If the system sizes then the calculated result data is stored in the pipe or duct section data. If these sections become disconnected from the main system, turning on Duct or Pipe properties will display the previous calculated data, but won't include the sections in the new sizing run.

Here are three processes that should help diagnose this. 

  1. Turn on Section numbers. Examine your drawing to see if you have duplicated section numbers or sections with no number.
  2. Size your system and consider the highest section number in the results pages compared to the highest number in the schematic view.
  3. Form the zoom menu, select the Isometric view and run a Check System. Sections that are not connected will remain a blue colour, while connected sections will show up as green. This should also help show where the disconnect can be found. Note that as the rest of the sections are connected, that part of the system is checking out ok. The disconnected sections are not being considered.