U-value check in Compliance Report

 Product(s):Hevacomp Mechanical Designer
 Version(s):V8i (N/A)


The BRUKL compliance report contains Criterion 2 which considers the operation of the building fabric, and flags any figures (Ua-calc > Ua-limit) that exceed the allowed maximums. It is possible to have surface U-values that exceed the stated maximums, but do not flag a warning.

 In cases such as this, all the U-values of windows in the room are being considered. The values for Ua-calc are calculated by the SBEM calculation engine using an area-weighted average method. Therefor, if glazing with the high U-value only account for a  small percentage of the overall glazed area of the room(s) then it will have a minimal impact in the final result.

The glazing with the highest U-value is still shown in the Ui-calc column.