How to achieve different Bar Mark series as per the Phase construction?

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Subarea:Manage Bar Marks
 Original Author:Sandip Kar, User Success Team


User wants to construct model in Phases and each Phase, Bar Marks should start with different initial. For example Phase#1, Bar Marks should be A10#, for Phase#2, A20# like this.

Original Issue Description:

We are detailing a phased construction and we would like to set our bar marks as A10# for phase 1 and A20# for phase 2. Is there a way to do this?


Phase dependent Bar Marks is possible. Please follow the below steps to achieve the result.

(A). Split the master model into small models as per Phase - Split into small models is necessary because keeping all Phases in one model will not allow different series of Bar Marks. Positioning will consider the whole model and delete Bar Marks will also delete the existing Bar Marks.

(B). Use Reference - To see and review the whole model with all the Phases, attach models as reference in Master Model.

(C). Start do Positioning for Phase#1 model - In the Positioning dialog, under the Bar factory Settings, set the Bar Mark macro as A10# which will give you the bar marks as A101, A102, A103...

(D). Start do Positioning for Phase#2 model - In the Positioning dialog, under the Bar factory Settings, set the Bar Mark macro as A20# which will give you the bar marks as A201, A202, A203...

(E). Now you can take the reference of these two models into master model where you will see the complete model with different Phase carrying different Bar Marks according to Phase.

In this way one can achieve different series of Bar Marks according to Phases.