What's new in CulvertMaster CONNECT Edition?



The CONNECT Edition release of CulvertMaster (version number introduces new improvements and features, covered by this article.

We encourage you to upgrade to the CONNECT edition as soon as possible to ensure compliance with the Support Policy.

Compatible Platforms and Operating Systems

Supported Operating Systems:

ProjcetWise Integration Support:

Updated Licensing Method: Subscription Entitlement Services

The CONNECT Edition release of CulvertMaster introduces support for Bentley's a new licensing method, Subscription Entitlement Services (SES), a major advancement in Bentley's product licensing methodology. This new method gives organizations much more control over license usage and reporting, with the capability to establish concurrent use thresholds, groups of users with different levels of access and more. This also means you can now manage license activation for all of your OpenFlows products with Subscription Entitlement Services. More information can be found here: Licensing OpenFlows products - Subscription Entitlement Service

Important note: with this new licensing method, you will need to sign in to the CONNECTION Client (included with installation of CulvertMaster). If you do not currently have an account that is properly linked to your organization, please contact your Site Administrator, who can add you.

Note: The Help > About window in CulvertMaster CONNECT Edition currently does not include the license status. To check your license status, check the "Product Status" tab of the Bentley Licensing Tool (accessible from the Windows Start menu).

Fixes to User-reported Issues

This release includes all patches from the previous release for user-reported issues, plus updates to the Help menu item links.

Project Compatibility

Projects saved in CulvertMaster CONNECT Edition are compatible with previous releases. Meaning, CulvertMaster version 3.3 can open a project saved in CONNECT Edition.

Silent mode syntax

This version uses newer installation technology similar to the CONNECT Edition of the other OpenFlows products, which use a /q switch for silent mode. See: Performing a silent installation