Unable to select defect onto works order

 Product(s):Exor Maintenance Manager

Problem Description

I am unable to select a defect onto a work order. No error messages are displayed but defect simply does not appear in the list of available defects to select.

Steps to Resolve

There may be several reasons why this happens:

  1. The defect date inspected is after the work order date raised.
  2. The activity type of the defect is not included in the list of valid activities against the item code breakdown for the budget you're using. (this can be checked under reference / financial / item code breakdowns)
  3. The section the defect is on is not a member of either the work order header road group or the budget road group (if defined)
  4. The defect section's admin unit is not a child, or the same, as the contract admin unit.
  5. The defect is superseded, or the only available repair is an immediate one (only permanent or temporary repairs can be placed on a work order).
  6. In some cases if the road environment of the road section is blank it can cause this, especially if not working on Local roads.
  7. The notify organisation is filled in for the defect. This implies another organisation is going to deal with the issue so it is not possible to raise work order within Highways for it.

 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group