Rename full path data of reference



Rename full path data of reference file. Reference files have been moved to new location and the reference full paths need to be edited / updated.


Ref_Drive.mvba: rename drive letter+path Ref_Drive.mvba

Ref_Drive.mvba and/or the original: Ref_Laufwerk.mvba can be used to update the reference attachment's full path information either interactively or in a batch process.

To use:
- backup your files first
- interactive:
- run the mvba by:

selecting it in the VBA project manager

or keyin:

vba run [ref_drive]ref_drive

- in a batch process use the command line:

vba run [ref_drive]ref_drive old_path new_path

The string 'old_path' will be replaced by the string

Example 1:
Exchange the drive letter from C: to D: in the Reference file path(s):
vba run [ref_drive]ref_drive c: d:

Example 2:
Replace the full path(s):

vba run [ref_drive]ref_drive c:\folder_1\folder_2\ d:\folder_A\folder_B\folder_C\

In case the German interface is preferred over the English, use this information and following substitutions:


The command line in such case needs to be changed from:

vba run [ref_drive]ref_drive


vba run [ref_laufwerk]ref_laufwerk

The VBA projects are available for download here:

Credits for creating the macro go to Artur Goldsweer (TSG-Kiel, Germany)

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 Original Author:Henricus Ligtvoet, Bentley Technical Support Group