Unbraced Length for Bottom Flange - Eurocode

Product(s): SACS
Version(s): 2023
Area: Post-processing


When using the unbraced length option on the GRUP card to define different buckling lengths for the top and bottom flanges, I find that the model automatically reverts to the "joint thickness" option on subsequent model changes. This leads to a beam length error when running an analysis later. I find that this corresponds to the letter 'B' being erased from col. 46 of the GRUP card in datagen, each time the model is saved.


The unbraced length of the bottom of the wide flanges and plate girders is valid for Eurocode only:

If you're not using the Eurocode for analysis, the 'B' option will automatically erased from the line each time you trying to save the model.

See Also

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