How to cut Rebar by PolyCut Rebarset

Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
Subarea:Rebar Modification
Original Author:Alistair Lobo, Bentley Product Advantage Group


While modelling in the Concrete environment, you may need to cut the rebarset in a shape internally. This can be very well achieved by the PolyCut Rebarset command.

This document will guide you on how to create a cut in any shape in the rebarset.


1) Create a concrete shape and place a Rebarset in it.

2) Select a suitable view so that you get a plane that can then contain a polyline in the shape of a cut that you want for the rebarset.

In this case we have created a polygon with 6 sides in the Top view just above the rebarset we created.

3) Now navigate to Home > Rebar Modification > Rebar > PolyCut Rebarset

4) It will now prompt you to first select the rebarset and then to select the shape.

5) After this, the rebarset will get cut along the shape that you have created.

In this manner, you can cut the rebar in any required shape by using the PolyCut Rebarset tool.