01. PCF Import process aborted or crashed: what should I do?

When importing an AutoPIPE NTL file from the PCF translator the following appears:

 Import process aborted. Review error messages :
Yes   No   Cancel   

What should I do?


There are literally a 100's of different reasons that would cause this message to appear. The only way to know for sure what the problem is, is to select "Yes" and read the error message report. Consider the following procedure:

Aborted issues

    1. When the message above appears, select the "Yes" button.
    2. AutoPIPE report viewer should now automatically open the systemname.MSG file from the same folder location where the PCF and NTL files are stored.  

    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the listing to see the number of errors:


    4. In order to open the model in AutoPIPE, only the ERROR issues need to be resolved. Therefore search the entire report for these Error locations and information about the errors:


    5. Navigate to the folder where the *.PCF file is located, Open the systemname.NTL file in any word processor (NotePad, WordPAD, MS Word, etc..).

               Note: best to use a word processing application (i.e. NotePAD++, UltraEDIT, etc..) that displays the current cursor location with both column and row indicators..

    6. Leave that file NTL opened in the word processing application and now start AutoPIPE, see the following AutoPIPE help section:

               Help > Contents> Search Tab> enter "Command Card Reference" (include the quotes), press List Topics button, double click on the selected topic from the list provided to see more information. 

    7. Using the command card reference in conjunction with the error message report, investigate the NTL file to locate and fix the issue. When you have corrected the problem, save the NTL file to a different name (example: test1.NTL), and reload that new file in AutoPIPE by using File> Open> AutoPIPE Batch (*.NTL) .

    8. If - everything was corrected, the model should be opened in AutoPIPE.
      If - the file caused the application to abort again, start the same process over from the top using the new file created (i.e. test1.ntl).

Other Known issues / Solutions:

1. Imported error messages referenced in *.MSG file

Refer to WIKI here 

2. Brute force approach to import an NTL file

 Click here to learn about a technique used to find a one or more reasons why a model is aborting or crashing AutoPIPE when importing a file. 

Note, an PCF file cannot use this same Brute force approach because a PCF file is not in a structured order like a NTL file. 

3. Strange text characters

Please, notice the line Pipe line reference name, ATTRIBUTE7, and ATTRIBUTE8 - as they contain unsanctioned characters.

Remove / Replace characters as needed.

4. Non-component name being used 

See the image below on line 10244 

This name is not apart of the PCFin.map file and therefore is not mapped to any component known in AutoPIPE. Thus the program fails / aborts. Simply rename " MISC-COMPONENT" to "Pipe" or delete the entire card from the file. After making the changes to all such occurrence in the file, save and try to import the file again using the PCF translator. 

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