How to Plot PDF using Project Publisher - OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT

 Product(s):OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition
 Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX to 10.10.XX.XX
 Environment: NA
 Area: Print & Plot Feature
 Subarea: Project Publisher feature


The Project Publisher tool is used to create PDF output of project drawings. Such output can be sent to end-users that do not have OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT design software with which to review the project.

With Project Publisher:

Steps to Accomplish

1. Open any Project Page for the Project that you need to be published. 

2. Go to Project Manager from File >> Project Publisher.

2.  Now in Project Publisher dialogs select the Page that need to be Published by selecting the Pages from Available Items to Items to Publish

3. Now select the Format under Configure Publisher dialog select all the data that needs to be included in the PDF in General and others configuration according to requirement. 


4. Now go to Create Package under Publisher, select the PDF File location where the PDG needs to be saved. Select the features for the output PDF. Specify the Page Size and Scale and click Publish to print to PDF. 

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar