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When user tries to send a notice the following error is seen:

TMA-0093 Unable to send the notice: Error in XML
(tma_types.get_schema_notice_root) PL/SQL: Numeric or value error: Null index table key value


TMA-0093 Unable to send the notice: Error in XML
(tma_transactions_api.validate_xml) invalid XML document


This error is seen when the application tries to create some XML for a notice but it isn’t compliant with the EToN Technical Specification. This error can be seen for several reasons, including:

  1. If the data which is being inserted into the XML contains invalid characters. All characters must be in the UTF8 specification. If text is copied from other software programs into a form then it can often contain hidden control characters, particularly from MS Word or Outlook. When you have to copy text, paste it into a basic text editor such as notepad, remove any strange characters and then copy it again.  If you’re unsure then try retyping all text in each field again manually.
  2. If an invalid postcode is declared. You must use a valid postcode that publicly recognised and complies with BS7666.
  3. Check the works description to make sure there are no invalid characters or spaces.  Sometimes if copied from word additional spaces can be at the end of the text.  So highlight all the text and make sure it has not highlighted blank spaces as well.  If it has removed these spaces/carriage returns from the works description.
  4. Check the Contractor/Promoter Contacts.  Are these valid.  Is there any Spaces in any of the fields.  Try reselecting the Contact details from the drop down again.
  5. If the sender or recipient organisation doesn’t have an EToN Version set in the NSG0110 Organisations  and Districts form. An EToN Version needs to be set for every organisation you send notices to so that the XML created is valid.

If the above does not resolve this, another thing to check is whether the user is trying to send a 0500 notice on a Permit at status Works In Progress. If the end date needs changing then the user should send a 0510 notice.    

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