Navigating around a Data Entry Profile

To increase the efficiency of data entry each Data Entry Profile can be navigated using the keyboard or the mouse.

The active grid is the one with the orange tab. In the illustration below this is the "Cable Percussion Drilling details". Pressing the [INSERT] Key on the keyboard will insert a new record into the active grid.

You can make a different grid active by either clicking on it or by using the [CTRL] and [TAB] keys to cycle through the grids on the page.

You can navigate between steps by using the forward and back buttons on the navigation section of the Ribbon or by selecting the required step from the step drop-down list on the left of the Ribbon. You can also navigate between steps using the [CTRL] key and the left and right [ARROW] keys. [CTRL + LEFT] goes back a step and [CTRL + RIGHT] goes forward a step.

You can jump between locations by using the location drop-down between the Ribbon and the Data Entry grids, or by using the left and right arrow button to the right of this download list.

Clicking on the Show Location Grid button will display the normal OpenGround Cloud Professional Location Details grid at the top of the form, this grid is useful if you have a large number of locations in your project or wish to use the filtering options on the grid to find your required location.

You can also navigate between locations using the [CTRL + UP] and [CTRL + DOWN] arrow keys on your keyboard. [CTRL + UP] selects the previous location and [CTRL + DOWN] selects the next location.