Linestyle with width and weight incorrect

 Applies To 
 Version(s):V8, V8i
 Environment: N\A
 Area: Custom Linestyles
 Subarea: N\A
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


Linestyle with width and weight incorrect

Short, wide strokes in the linestyle appear to be drawn sideways using the active weight. This may make rounded end caps appear straight, or cover the gaps between strokes.

Display for the same linestyles is "clean" in MicroStation V8 2004, but shows differently in MicroStation XM and again in MicroStation V8i.


Switch to width only or use points

The linestyle may be defined with a width for some strokes and the line placed with a (large) weight. With MicroStation XM the display engine has been changed, and this has consequences for the display of custom linestyles that use a combination of width and weight.

Changing the linestyle definition in such a way that all strokes have a defined width and drawing the lines with weight 0 should improve display.

Another solution is to use a point component for the short strokes in the linestyle definition.

With the linestyle definition set up to use master units, lines will be displayed smaller/thinner when zooming out. When the linestyle unit is set to "Device" the linestyle will display at the same width at every zoom level - like with line weights. To change between units for a linestyle:

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