Bentley Geotechnical Information Management Coffee Corner on demand events

In June 2021 the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), the Bentley expert-led platform for discussion and learning about product and service direction, key features, and efficient workflows became a part of the new Coffee Corner webinar series. 

You can find upcoming Coffee Corner webinars for Geotechnical Information Management on the Bentley Events and Webinars page,  Geotechnical Information Management sessions are typically the first Wednesday of each month.

Below is a list of recent OpenGround Cloud focused webinars from the Geotechnical Information Management group  A list of Geotechnical Information Management SIGs focused on gINT can be found here.

OpenGround, Preparing to Take Your Data to the Cloud
March 2020
OpenGround Cloud, the Pareto Principle, and Your Organizational Archive
April 2020
Reports 101: Generating reports in Open Ground
May 2020
Dynamic Reports in Open Ground
June 2020
Excel Extension and how it helps with data mining
July 2020
OpenGround Cloud Mapping Tools
August 2020
OpenGround Cloud Data Collector 
September 2020
OpenGround Cloud and Site Investigation Planning
October 2020
OpenGround Cloud, Creating Site Plans and Quick Sections in Template Studio 
December 2020
In Depth 2D and 3D Visualization with OpenGround Cloud
January 2021
Bentley's Geotechnical Information Management Offerings
February 2021
Importing Data from Digital Source with OpenGround Cloud
March 2021

OpenGround Cloud End User Tips for Adopting New Technology

April 2021

OpenGround Cloud: Adding User and Assigning Roles

May 2021

OpenGround Cloud and Trigger Sets

June 2021

The Business Case for OpenGround Cloud

July 2021

Constructing Material Descriptions in OpenGround Cloud

August 2021

Geotechnical Models with OpenGround and Leapfrog Works

September 2021

Creating Geotechnical Cross Sections with the OpenGround Civil 3D Extension

October 2021