01. Axis orientation when exporting an I-model from AutoPIPE to Bentley Navigator for Hot Clash dete

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Mar. 2015


I would like to inquire regarding Hot Clash for AutoPIPE V8i and Navigator.  I tried to export Autopipe to jsm but window appear that our model have different vertical axis because we are using Y-axis in AutoPIPE. 

Then, generated jsm file also have different coordinates with original model even if I changed vertical axis of AutoPIPE to Z. (if open directly using Navigator, without using i-model composer)

As I checked, I can only export dgn to same coordinates in 3D model with same +X or at Case-3 (in attached figure).  Is there a way to export Autopipe model in 3D model with different cases of orientation.


The CAE development team has investigated the issue and noticed that Program only handle case-3 as pointed out in the above image, when "Transform X to Z" option is selected.

To provide support for other cases, simply rotate the model around Y-axis with angle mentioned on each case in below image and then export DGN with "Transform X to Z" option unselected.

Here is the procedure to use Component Rotation dialog for model rotation.

1) Select all components in a model (select: a. all points, b, all supports, c. all anchors) until the entire model is colored red.

2) Now Select Edit > Rotate menu (opens up a dialog)

3) Select Rotate option "About global coordinates" with offsets (0,0,0) as origin

4) Enter the angle for each case in degree against Y-axis

5) Select "Automatically set Vertical axis to Z" if not already (option disabled if axis is already Y-up)

6) Make sure "Transform X to Z" option is not selected

7) Export DGN

The following Enhancement has been logged: "Add ISM Z-Up  to Y-Up Coordinate System transformation option".

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