01i. Material library has 0.00 values, what value should be used in AutoPIPE?

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April 2019


Material library has 0.00 values, what value should then be use in AutoPIPE?


when using  ISOGRPM material library and selecting BS2000, all the Sigma values return 0.0

What values should be used?


When trying to tab through this dialog the following is encountered: Warning : W31-86

As mention there are no allowable stresses available in the material library:

Suggest the following: 

1. Review the Material library default values (i.e. Spec table and Matl table), see WIKI here.

2. Review the References used by AutoPIPE to development the material information, see WIKI here.

Note: by knowing what references were used to develop the library could be helpful in tracking down other material data. 

(example: From AutoPIPE help Fiberbond was the source of information for some library materials. Therefore contact material manufacture for related material data need by the program).

In the end, when this warning message (W31-86) appears, users have the following options:

a. Select a different material that has code allowable data in the material library

b. Or, manually enter values for both the Pipe Properties dialog and Operating Press/Temp dialog as required.

c.. Or, accept the default values already populating those locations.

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