Interim Construction Method Warning Missing

 Applies To 
 Product(s):Exor Noticing Manager
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Sites
 Defect Number: 98439
 Original Author:Lee Jackson, Bentley Technical Support Group









Defect Description

When sending an EToN 6 Full Registration with a site declared as Interim Reinstatement, a warning is no longer shown if the user doesn’t supply a value for Construction Method. If the user does not supply this, they can then receive an FPN.

User has also reported that the same warning isn’t shown when sending an EToN 5 Full Registration for a site declared as Permanent Reinstatement and the Construction Method has not been set to ‘Not Applicable’. User has received FPNs because they haven’t declared the ‘Not Applicable’ construction method on permanent reinstatement sites when sending an EToN 5 Full Registration notice using 4.5.10 release.

Previously Notice Warning 100 was shown for both of these scenarios:

Site Construction Method should be 'Not Applicable' for Non Interim Reinstatements. Or Method B,C or D for an Interim Reinstatement.


This problem has been fixed in Exor TMA Noticing Manager fix 18 for the 4.5.10 release.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open TMA2050 Notice Warnings form and query warning number 100.
  2. Set error type send and receive to warning or error
  3. Create a new works and send standard initial and actual start notices. You could also send a works stop notice at this point, but a full registration notice can be sent before or after the works stop. Testing should check both scenarios.
  4. Create a new site with Reinstatement Type set to Interim, leaving Construction Method as null. Set all other mandatory fields accordingly.
  5. Click Send Notice
  6. Select Notice Type 0701 Full Registration. The warning/error should be shown in the Validation block.