RAM Concept PT Optimization Licensing and Usage

 Applies To 
 Product(s):RAM Concept
 Version(s):08.00.00 and later
 Area: Licensing

RAM Concept PT Optimization is a Bentley Cloud Service. All possible design solutions are analyzed in the cloud. A cloud-based solution is necessary for the following reasons:

RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Version 8 or later is required to use the PT Optimization service.

The service is open to all organizations with a SELECT subscription(s) of RAM Concept Post Tension or Structural Enterprise or with an Enterprise License Subscription (ELS). Please use our Sales Contact Request Form to inquire about these subscriptions.

An organization will be allotted 100 ACUs/calendar quarter for each SELECT subscription of RAM Concept Post Tension or Structural Enterprise. For the initial offering and for a limited time, we have increased the allotment to 250 ACUs/calendar quarter for each subscription.

The ACU allotment can be shared among all users in the organization. Unused ACUs do not carry over to the following quarter. After the allotted ACUs have been consumed, it will not be possible to start new optimizations. However, results of previously completed optimizations can still be reviewed.

Warning messages are displayed on screen when 80% of the ACU allotment has been exceeded and then when all ACUs have been consumed. For each warning, an e-mail notification is also sent to the user.

If additional ACUs are needed to complete your work after all ACUs have been consumed, please submit a service request to inquire about obtaining additional cloud credits.


An organization owns 3 Structural Enterprise Licenses, which equates to 3*250 = 750 ACUs per calendar quarter.

Between January 1 and February 28, 4 different users use the PT Optimization Service and consume 25, 75, 200, and 275 ACUs respectively for a total of 575 ACUs (just below 80% of the total 750 ACU allotment). On March 1, one user in the organization runs an optimization and produces the 80% ACU consumption warning during the optimization. That optimization and subsequent optimizations are permitted to run until all 750 ACUs have been consumed.

On March 15, the quarterly 750 ACU limit is reached in the middle of the optimization and the optimization is stopped. After this point, the organization cannot use the optimization service until the next calendar quarter. An error is displayed when any new optimization is started or a previously stopped optimization is resumed.

On April 1, 750 ACUs are available again. New optimizations can be started and previously stopped optimizations can be resumed and ran to completion. 

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