With the change in the Baseplate connection, grouping gets drops from its parts.

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
 Area:Baseplate Connection
 Original Author:Vyanktesh Nama, Bentley Product Advantage Group

Problem Description

When we change any values in the Baseplate connection the grouping of the baseplate with the column gets dropped. This happens when we group the baseplate with the column manually with the Group tool. This wiki will guide you on how to avoid this.

Steps to resolve

Please follow the below steps to achieve this.

1. Place a column.

2. Insert the Baseplate connection that is located at Steel > Home > Steel Connections > Standard Baseplate. In the Layout tab, check the Group option to make a group of the baseplate with the column.

3. Now, open the PS Properties to check the grouping. Under the Group Data, click on the Data, this will highlight the entire group.

4. Now, hold right click on the baseplate and click on the Change Connection and change some values of baseplate connection.

5. After changing, again open PS Properties and check the grouping. Here, we can see the grouping does not get dropped by manipulating the values of the baseplate.

In this way, we can make the grouping of the baseplate with the column in the Baseplate connection dialog itself.

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