02. Do I have to use I-model when exporting a DGN File from AutoPIPE for clash detection

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Mar. 2015


Can we use hot clash even without using i-model composer?

What are the effect if i do not use i-model composer?

The current "Hot_Clash_tutorial.pdf" tutorial only shows procedure, also no information to use i-model composer. only screenshot with i-model composer.
If i will not use i-model composer, can i still have the same result only with bigger file size?


No, you do not have to use I-model composer in the hot clash detection procedure. 

The benefit for using the extra step of creating an i-model is to essentially create a locked file that cannot be graphically updated. Like an Adobe PDF, an I-model file is locked and cannot be graphically altered, but notes can be added, measurements taken / verified, etc.. This makes it a great collaboration type file format. However, not necessary if you wish to skip this step in the Hot-Clash procedure.   

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