Using Control Grids in Pro

When you enter data into a grid you will see that the parent data is not included in the grid. For example, Location ID is not included in any of the data grids because you select which Location to enter data for from the drop-down or location grid before you enter the data.

When you are entering data that belongs to grids that do not directly link to Location you will see a controlling grid on the screen. Controlling grids are always used for water strike data that belongs to Water Strike general and laboratory testing data that belongs to samples.

The image above shows a controlling grid for water on the left-hand side. If you have nothing selected in the controlling grid then you will be unable to enter anything into the grid on the right. To active the grid you need to click on the row in the controlling grid.

You cannot enter data into a controlling grid and you will notice that there is no orange bar to click to add the data on the controlling grid above.