Imperial Bolt or Plate Sizes are Incorrect In Connection Dialogs.

Version(s):All Versions
Area:Steel Connections
Original AuthorSteve Crabtree, Bentley Technical Support Group
Updated By:Vyanktesh Nama, Bentley Technical Support Group


Imperial bolt or plate sizes are incorrect in the connection dialogs.

These are steps to fix a problem where you see incorrect bolt diameters or flat bar sizes in a connection dialog.

See figures below.


1.)  Go to the MicroStation Menu - Settings > Design File.

2.)  In the dialog that opens select Working Units from the menu.

3.)  Under Linear Units set Format to MU:SU (Master Unit, Subunit) and click OK.

4.)  Go to the MicroStation menu and select File > Save Settings.

5.)   Exit out of ProStructures and then reopen it.

6.)  If you have a connection that still has incorrect bolts or plates use the connection command to delete the existing connection.

7.)  Reapply the connection and it should have the correct plate and bolts.


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