Getting started with SYNCHRO

How do you get started?

Thank you for choosing SYNCHRO, the  Top Constructech Product   for two years in a row in 2022 and 2023 ( Bentley Systems - Connected World ). You have made the right choice. So how do you get started?

First,   let's make sure you have the  Bentley CONNECT account . If you don't have one, browse to . Select “Don't have an account? Register now ”. Follow the instructions and complete the registration process. 

Second,   download and install the desktop software. Login to your Bentley CONNECT account (browse to ). Scroll down and look under “My Service ”, and select “Software Downloads ”. Filter product Brand “SYNCHRO ”, and select the desktop products you want to download and install.

Note: If you cannot find the “Software Download ”under your account profile, contact your company administrator for the Bentley products to get required access.  


Third,   install the mobile products on your phones or tablets. Search SYNCHRO products in your App Store for IOS users, or in the Play Store for Android users. Follow the instructions and install the applications on your devices. 

 Getting Started with Field 

You are now ready to create your first project.   Browse to   to login and access the SYNCHRO Control. By default, you will see the projects you have access to. Simply select the project you want to access. To create a new project, select “Register a Project ”or “Register a Trial Project ”in the upper right corner. Follow the instructions and you are now all set.

 Getting Started with Control 

User Onboarding Program

The SYNCHRO User Onboarding methodology is multi-pronged between

• Self-directed training materials
•  Train the trainers' instructor-led training
•  Coaching

SYNCHRO User Onboarding follows a role-based approach rather than traditional product functionality training. As part of the onboarding process, users will undergo a user profiling that identifies the relevant groups to ensure that users get the right training they need to do their jobs. 

First, those involved in the first configuration and acceptance testing will become the SYNCHRO Administrator or key users, who are proficient in the use of the system.

Secondly, based on the information gathered from the user profiling/classification, a list of the various personas expected to be using the system will undergo a series of training and onboarding that will be held online or onsite required with a Bentley Consultant and/or the  key users.

Finally, all users of SYNCHRO have ongoing free access to the SYNCHRO Academy at  Bentley LEARNServer .


  • The Bentley  SYNCHRO  Accreditation Program is an official recognition from Bentley Systems that verifies you have the essential software skills to be a productive asset to your employer. 


Learn from the expert. Get your learning certificate from Bentley. Pave your way toward your SYNCHRO accreditation. Instructor lead training delivered live. 


Get the help you need in the Bentley Communities Forums & Knowledge Articles or submit a request for assistance.

Consulting and Advisory Services

The objective is to deliver recommended, outcome-oriented services to help you successfully adopt to SYNCHRO technology. Whether you are embarking on a digital transformation in your project, trying to drive more efficient and effective processes, or building capability and capacity within your teams to fulfil information delivery obligations knowing how to maximize your investment in SYNCHRO. 

A highly experience senior SYNCHRO consultant will lead the engagement, which is right-sized and timeboxed to meet your requirements, to consult, advise, and provide oversight and support to your SYNCHRO implementation. Our services follow the industry good, best, or next practice, sensitive to your digital maturity, and ability to consume change and prioritized and sequenced to deliver value at the earliest opportunity.