Missing Project Data

 Applies To 
 Product(s):gINT Logs, gINT Professional, gINT Professional Plus
 Area: Installation
 Original Author:Kathleen Holcomb, Bentley Technical Support Group









Problem Description

We have seen these problems:

  1. I added data to my project.  After leaving and returning to Input, the data I added is missing.
  2. I can open my gINT project or library, but in My Computer or Windows Explorer, when I browse to the folder the file is missing.
  3. On opening my project or library there is a message it is read-only.  No one else has this file open and the read-only property is not checked.


Prior to gINT V8i 08.3.x, gINT user files (project .GPJ's, library .GLB's, data template .GDT's, etc.) were installed with the gINT program files under C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86).  In Windows Vista and Windows 7, these locations often have restrictions to prevent users from changing any files stored there.  This can cause the above behavior. Please Move any gINT files out of the Program Files Directory.

Steps to Resolve

Any gINT files you will be editing need to be moved to a different location, one where you know you have full control.  My Documents is often a good location if it is backed up regularly.  If not, then perhaps a network drive is best.  Sometimes it can be tricky to find all the files, as Windows will often move or copy the files to a different hidden location.  If this is the case, it will appear to gINT as if the files are in C:\Program Files when they are actually in this hidden location.  To find this hidden location do an Internet search for "find virtual store" and either "Windows 7" or "Vista", appropriate.