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Create Your Own Custom Symbol Catalog

It is very simple, yet important to manage your Symbol Catalogs well to get the best possible use out of the software. The software installs with a default symbol catalog appropriate to the style of promis.e that you install, either ANSI-IEEE or IEC style. We recommend that soon after installing, as part of your setup process you create your own custom symbol catalog to store any custom symbols that you might create for use with Promis.e or Bentley Substation. This will provide a central place for unique company symbols, and make it easy to find your custom symbols for use with the software as well as when upgrading to future versions. It will also help prevent you from accidentally overwriting any custom symbols you may have if someone later decides to download a newer version of one of our supplied catalogs, or needs to reinstall the software.

Learn how to create a new symbol catalog with the [[Create a new catalog]] article.

How Many Symbol Catalogs Should I Have?

There are many different manufacturer symbol catalogs available from Bentley for Select Subscribers to download and use with their software. We often get asked how many different catalogs users should have. There is no limit to the number of catalogs you can have, but we do recommend for ease of use that you have no more catalogs that you are truly using. You will get better use out of the software if you do not have to scroll through pages of symbols you are not ever using to find the one symbol you are looking for. Likewise, searches will go faster in general if the data set is smaller. So feel free to download all the catalogs you want, but remember it only takes a few seconds to switch the catalog Setup paths to limit it to only the ones you are actively using for each project.

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