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This page contains Wikis related to the Postprocessing workflow of STAAD.Pro

Graphical View of Analysis Results

  1. Displaying values of nodal displacements, bending moments etc. on the plots
  2. Annotations for Maximum Bending Moment or Shear Values not Visible
  3. Beam Annotation - Change Font and Turn Off Unit Display
  4. Difference Between the Local and Global Deflection
  5. Displaying Deflection Diagram
  6. Displaying the Bending Moment Diagram
  7. Graphically See Node Displacement
  8. Incorrect Shear Force and Bending Moment diagrams
  9. Print Truss w/ Output Forces
  10. Purpose of Beam - Graphs Page
  11. [[How to change the plate stress contour color to customize the view in the post processing tab?]]
  12. [[How to create a video file for Mode shape Animation]]
  13. [[How to reset the colors in diagrams?]]
  14. [[Plotting Bending Moment Diagram on a selected set of members]]
  15. [[Max Absolute stress in Plate Contour]]
  16. [[Viewing different colors for different utilization ratio range]]
  17. [[Viewing Plate Stress/Moment Envelope Plots]]
  18. [[What Max Top and Max Bottom terms mean in the Plate Stress Contour options?]]
  19. [[The contour value of the plates is not matching with the plates actual center stress summary]]

Results in the Postprocessing Tables

  1. How to find out axial forces ( tension and compression ) in members
  2. Mismatch in sign of beam end forces within different tables
  3. Moment Values in kip-inch instead of pound-feet
  4. Query Member End Forces for Selected Beams
  5. Range too big error when copying data from STAAD.Pro table to Excel
  6. STAAD Report with More Than 3 Decimal Places
  7. Torsion Stress Report
  8. [[When I try to copy/paste results from the Post Processing tables into an Excel spreadsheet I get a message saying “Range too big” or “Selection is too large”]]
  9. Member End Forces Output
  10. [[Finding out the max forces/displacements/support reactions/stresses for a group of entities]]
  11. [[Values of shear force and bending moment do not match between member query and postprocessing tables]]
  12. [[Plate Result are not available in the Postprocessing Mode]]
  13. [[How to obtain the average stress at a node where several plate elements meet?]]
  14. [[Why bending moments of the plates are reported per unit width?]]
  15. [[How can I find the maximum shear stress on my plate element model?]]

Results in the Output (.ANL) text file

  1. Changing Stress Output Units in the *.ANL File
  2. Reporting member end forces in global axis system
  3. What Version of the Design Code is STAAD.Pro Using
  4. [[Changing the date stamp in the printed Output file]]
  5. [[Print Section forces in STAAD Output]]
  6. [[PRINT STATICS LOAD (EXT and INT interpretation)]]
  8. [[Are Applied Loads in Equilibrium with the Support Reactions]]
  9. [[Are Story Drift of the Floors Within Allowable Limits]]
  10. [[PRINT LOAD DATA command]]
  11. [[Print Section Displacement and the Print Joint Displacement don't Match]]
  12. [[Printing element forces at the nodes of the plate]]
  13. [[What do the terms TRESCAT and TRESTAB stand for in the plate element stress results?]]
  14. [[What is the TMAX term in the Plate results?]]
  15. [[Plate stresses/moments at a certain location within a plate]]
  17. [[How to see the influence area for each joint in the Plate Mat support?]]


  1. Adding a Company Logo into STAAD.Pro Report
  2. Printing Picture Full Page
  3. Saving a 3-D Rendered View
  4. [[Output items do not appear within Results Setup in STAAD.Pro]]
  5. [[Including pictures in STAAD.Pro Reports]]
  6. [[How to perfectly fit a company's logo in the Report of STAAD.Pro 2023?]]

Results' interpretation

  1. Moment Vector Along the Local Positive Z Axis
  2. Member End Forces and Joint Equilibrium
  3. Changing Beta Angle of a Member
  4. Member end forces are not matching with support reactions for the inclined member
  5. Sign conventions for forces/moments in beams
  6. [[Finding out Forces/Moments for reinforcement design of slabs modeled using solid elements]]
  7. [[Stability Checks for a mat foundation modeled in STAAD.Pro]]
  8. Comparison of Bending Moment of  a structure modeled with member and plate entities
  9. [[Global Moments in Plates]]
  10. [[Higher stresses with reduced mesh size]]
  11. [[Plate Stress comparison with beam element]]
  12. [[Solid stress interpretation]]
  13. [[Relation between plate stresses or forces and support reactions]]
  14. [[Why shear stresses are not included in the Von Mises stresses for solid elements?]]
  15. [[Calculation of bending stresses of a T beam modeled from the plates]]

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