Downloading OpenRoads ConceptStation

Product(s):OpenRoads ConceptStation
Area: Downloads
Original Author:Sanders Thomas, Bentley Technical Support Group



How can I download OpenRoads ConceptStation?


To download OpenRoads ConceptStation, log onto On the top ribbon, upper right, select SUPPORT, you will then see Welcome to SELECTservices. At Support Services, select GO TO CONNECTION Center, at this point you must Sign In.

Once signed in, you are directed the CONNECTION Center. Scroll to bottom of page (My Support) and you will find Software Downloads, select Software Downloads and you land on the Software Fulfillment page.

At Software Fulfillment, select Brand from list of options on the left which will expand. Now select OpenRoads and OpenRoads ConceptStation is now displayed. Select All Downloads and then select the green download arrow to the right which allows you to download the software.