13. How to export a model from AutoPLANT / OpenPLANT into AutoPIPE?

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i 
Area: export/iport
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May 2015


How to export a model from AutoPLANT / OpenPLANT into AutoPIPE?



Launch AutoPLANT 3D piping and from the Import/Export menu select Plant Exchange (PXF) which is file exchange format used by AutoPLANT and AutoPIPE. This process will generate a PXF file which can be sent to the Stress Engineer to open in AutoPIPE.


3 options are available for selecting the CAD model for export to a PXF file, i.e

AllComplete model
ManualEnables manual selection model so objects can be selected using normal Autocad selection methods e.g. by clicking on them or drawing a window around part of the model.
AdvancedQuery selection window as shown below to select based on e.g. linenumber , tag number , pipe size, schedule etc.        



See video below on how to find instruction in OpenPLANT to export a PXF file for AutoPIPE:


Using AutoPIPE 10.x and higher:

Open AutoPIPE and Select File> Import> OpenPLANT Modeler (*.pxf)

See Video below for detailed steps to import a PXF file into AutoPIPE:

Using AutoPIPE 09.06.xx and lower:

Open Autopipe and select File> open autoplant (*.pxf ) from the menu

The following screen will appear: Enter project details , select the piping code, unit, etc then click ok will display an Import Autoplant screen shown below.


Under the import Autoplant screen below  options include using Autopipe naming convention A01, A02 etc , add rigid anchor at all free ends in the model etc click on the help button on this dialog for additional help.


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