Which Version of Microsoft Access is Recommended for Editing an SDB?

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 Original Author:Jacquelyn Pettus, Bentley Technical Support Group










Which version of Microsoft Access is recommended to view/edit an InRoads Storm & Sanitary database (*.sdb)?


The .sdb database for Storm & Sanitary is in MS Access 95 format.  If a user converts the .sdb database to a newer version of MS Access, Storm & Sanitary will no longer be able to read that database. However, the user can use newer versions of MS Access to modify data in the Storm & Sanitary data IF they DO NOT convert it to the newer MS Access format. 

The first time the user attempts to open the .sdb with a newer version of  Access, an error message like the one below will be issued:

The user must pick NO to prevent the database from being converted.  If the database is not converted, the user can still modify the data, but will not be able to add or delete tables or columns or change table relationships. 

If you would like to add User Data Fields, please refer to this article.