01. How to find the pressure thrust on an anchor in AutoPIPE?

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Nov 2014, AutoPIPE V8i


How to find the pressure thrust on an anchor in AutoPIPE?


AutoPIPE calculates pressure extension under steady state not pipe cap end pressure thrust.

Another words, if you add pressure to a pipe line the pipe is going to extended due to internal pressure (assuming that your had "Include Axial" and "Pcase in Sustained" checked on). We refer to this as pressure extension not pressure thrust.

To include axial forces in AutoPIPE analysis, please consider the following settings, located under Tools> Model Options> Results> "Include Axial, Pcase in Sustained" and / or "Include axial force". See the respective help section for more information on these options.

The program only calculates a pressure thrust across an un-tied expansion joint or as a result of a fluid transient. As mentioned in FAQ #46

Note: AutoPIPE does not report the cap internal pressure load at an anchor unless it is unbalance thrust across a flexible joint with the pressure analysis option checked when performing a static analysis.


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