Word processor not working in Windows XP and MicroStation V8i SS2

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 Original Author:ALESSANDRA FUGAZZI, Bentley Technical Support Group


Word processor not working

"Unable to load/create dialog item of type 'HTML', id = 41510001 from
dialog "Text Editor - Word Processor"

Windows XP and MS

Error started occurring soon after installing Google Chrome. After
uninstalling Chrome, the error message remained.


The solution was to manually unregister and re-register the triedit.dll
and dhtmled.ocx files:

1) Open an elevated Dos Command Prompt and insert the following string:

cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Triedit

2) Enter each of the following commands followed by the Enter key,
then click Ok to acknowledge the "operation succeeded" message:

regsvr32.exe /u dhtmled.ocx
regsvr32.exe dhtmled.ocx
regsvr32.exe /u triedit.dll
regsr32.exe triedit.dll


-Please note that this solution is valid for Windows XP only. For
Windows 7 please refer to


where it is sufficient to install DHTML editing control:


-Please note that regsvr32 is found at "C:\WINDOWS\system32\regsvr32"