How to Turn On Design Tabs in gINT

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 Product(s):gINT Logs, gINT Professional, gINT Professional Plus
 Version(s): and Later
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 Original Author:Pat Cummings, Professional Services Group








Problem Description

In the December 2011 release of gINT v8i, a new feature hides the Design Application tabs (DATA DESIGN, REPORT DESIGN, and SYMBOL DESIGN) the first time the version is installed. This allows basic users to perform data entry, output, utilities and other common tasks in gINT.

If you will need to modify reports, database structures or other task that require you to use these tabs, they are simple to unhide.

Steps to Resolve

To do this, open the File menu System Properties option, and click the General tab. Unset the Hide Design Applications property (uncheck the box) and click OK.

The tabs will be visible immediately. This setting is preserved in your setup.gsh file, so future updates of the program will still have the Design Application tabs visible.

Design Applications can be hidden again in System Properties>General tab by rechecking the Hide Design Applications box. Design Applications tabs will remain visible in the current session of gINT, but will be hidden again the next time gINT is launched.