Import SGN


OpenRoad SignCAD 2023




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Bentley Global Technical Support 

Introduction:  The instructions and video below show how to import SGN files between standards in OpenRoads SignCAD.

Step 1: In OpenRoads SignCAD, create a new file or open an existing file to import the SGN file into.

IMPORTANT: Existing SignCAD SGN files created in earlier versions are automatically upgraded when imported into OpenRoads SignCAD 2023. A backup copy of the original SGN file is also saved. Once upgraded, SGN files can no longer be opened in previous versions (10.02 and older).

Step 2: Pick the File tab to go to the Backstage and pick Import > Import SGN.

Step 3:  In the Open dialog, browse and select the SGN file to import and press Open.

Step 4:  Press Yes to the Import SGN file dialog. This dialog alerts you to a mismatch between the standard of the active SGN file (ex: U.S. 2009) and the standard of the SGN file being imported (ex: Colorado).

Step 4: Move the cursor to the desired location on the workspace and left-click to place the imported sign or element. Notice that the Message Center feedback in the Status Bar shows Imported SGN file successfully.

NOTE: The original sign in the Colorado standard uses the older 1977 Highway C font with an overall word length of 70.8" for Ridgegate as shown below:

The imported sign takes on the spacing of the new standard (U.S. 2009). The Highway C font is still used for the letters in the sign, however, the spacing between letters is reduced to match the Series 2000 (2K) font spacing with an overall word length of 61" as shown below. 

The font in the sign can be updated in the Multiple Objects Properties to use the Highway C 2K font by using the Element Selection tool to window select all of the text in the sign and then selecting Highway C 2K from the Text Font drop-down and left-clicking to apply the changes. Save the file.