This is a list of articles containing general FAQs for Bentley WaterGEMS and WaterCAD products.

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Estimating pump specific speed

Transient Force Calculations


Input & Modeling

What is the "Discharge Coefficient"?

Valve Type field assumption and use with a TCV

Can I model fluids other than Water?

Can I open WaterGEMS/CAD V8i models?

Differences between the Constant Speed transient pump types

Gradual valve closure not occurring

How do I mimic a control?

How do you define the starting conditions of the transient simulation?

Impact of pump inertia

Modeling a pump shut down transient event

Modeling An Initially Partially Closed Valve

Modeling A Pump Start-Up Transient Event

Modeling a pump that has neither a check valve nor a control valve

Modeling positive displacement pumps

Modifying and adding entries to Engineering Libraries

Preparing a model for analysis in HAMMER

Should I use the inside diameter or outside diameter for the "diameter" field for my pipes?

Surge mitigation with intermediate high points

What kind of demands should be used as the initial conditions of a transient simulation?

Determining the Headloss Coefficient for a hydropneumatic tank or surge tank


Output & Reporting

Understanding length/wave speed adjustments and their impact on results

How can I plot multiple time histories in the same graph or multiple profile plots on the same profile?

How to view and graph extended transient results such as gas volume for hydropneumatic tanks, pump or turbine speed, air valve extended data, etc.

Using profile animation

Exporting Transient Results for Multiple Elements

What do the different colored lines in a transient results viewer profile represent?

When I create a graph under View > Graphs, this seems to only show the initial conditions. Where can I view detailed graphical results of the transient simulation?

Using Transient Results Viewer animations for visualizing a transient simulation

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