SignCAM Export to CMYK EPS for digital printing


How do I print signs from OpenRoads SignCAD on a digital printer?


You can use a CMYK EPS file exported from OpenRoads SignCAD and bring it into the printer’s RIP software to print signs on your digital printer. 

1) From the SignCAM menu in OpenRoads SignCAD, pick Export to CMYK EPS. 

2) In the Export EPS File dialog, set the Save in: location, enter a File name and press Save.

3) In the CMYK EPS Spot Color Selection dialog, check the “Use Traffic Spot Color Name” box to use the Traffic color name.  It is important that the Traffic color name and drop-down color name match as shown below (ex: Traffic BLACK with Black color name).  If you would like a color used in the sign to be non-printing, then change the Opacity for that color to 0. Press OK to generate the EPS file.

4) Bring the saved EPS file into the printer's RIP software to print the sign.