How to transition in superelevation or vary deck width in ABC Wizard

Basic bridge cross sections can be defined in LEAP Bridge Concrete to describe the roadway surface. Individual cross sections are referred to as templates, and the collection of templates constitute a cross section set.

A cross section template is composed of planes defined from left to right for the template looking up-station. The template definition describes a series of connected planes representing the roadway surface. The user must define the station at which the cross section template is to apply.  LEAP Bridge Concrete uses adjacent template definitions and linearly interpolates between them (if they have the same number of planes) to develop the instantaneous section at a station. The distance from alignment centerline to profile grade may also be specified; it may be specified as a fixed distance, or the user may define the profile grade position by specifying a plane reference element. The check box for Synchronize with superstructure sets the plan definition to match the width of the superstructure, and locks the options to add/insert/delete planes. If the bridge width is adjusted in Step 1 superstructure definition, the plan information will automatically be adjusted/synchronized.