How to create Deployment image for ProStructures Setup file?

 Product(s):ProStructures CONNECT Edition
 Subarea:Setup file
 Original Author:Sandip Kar, Bentley Product Advantage Group


The deployment image is created by the system administrators for installing the application with the same installation configuration on multiple machines. The installation configuration includes the installation location, features, shortcuts, and so on. Once created, you will be able to double-click Setup.exe available in the deployment image to install the application with the set configuration without the need of any user interaction or internet connection for component downloads. The deployment image folder can also be moved to a shared location so that all users of the organization can directly execute the installation from there; the administrator can use this shared location in the Software Distribution System for installation of the product.


Following are the prerequisites for creating a deployment image:


Follow the below steps to create the Deployment Image

1. In the command line, go to the folder that contains the ProStructures setup executable and run the executable with the /layout command.(ppst10020020en_updt2.exe /layout). The ProStructures Installation Wizard opens.

2. When ProStructures installation Wizard opens, follow the steps as mentioned below.



3. After configuring all these, then get back to first page and click on Layout. It will then start to fetch all data from the cloud and store at your specified location.


4. Run the Setup file of the parent application. It will automatically allow you to install other companion applications if any needed.

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