Break Rebar in ProConcrete CONNECT Edition

Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
Subarea:Rebar Modification
Original Author:Alistair Lobo, Bentley Product Advantage Group


While modelling concrete structural members, you may need to create openings in the respective concrete elements that also contain rebars or may need to cut / break rebars for various purposes. In this case, the ‘Break Rebar’ tool can be used to break rebar along a user specified distance.

This document will guide you on how to break rebar while modeling in concrete environment.


1) Create a concrete object along with a rebar set in the same.

2) Now navigate to Concrete > Rebar Modification > Rebar > Break Rebar

3) It will now prompt you to select the rebar which you want to break. You can click on a rebar and select that to break or use the (ctrl + right click) to select the entire rebar set if you want to break multiple rebars at once.

4) Simultaneously, the ‘Break Rebar’ input dialog box appears. Here you can choose any of the 3 options form Points, Perpendicular or Line.
In this case, we will break the rebar by ‘Points’. 

5) After selecting the ‘Points’ button, you need to now specify the start & end points of the line along which you want to break the rebar.

6) Now, a Key-in dialog box will appear where you can type in the value of distance of the break and press ‘Enter’. 

7) The rebar is now broken according to the specified distance. 

In this manner, you can break rebar by using the Break Rebar tool.