SES License Tier Selections (Product Levels)

SOILVISION's “Subscription Entitlement Service” (SES) dialog - see below - allows users to manage the license tiers of SOILVISION products. It allows for control over which levels of the software are available for use. The following describes the function of this controller and its connection with the SOILVISION programs.

  1. What are the Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) tier selections?

These are tiered selections accessed from SOILVISION Manager or from a SOILVISION model window – File > Subscription Entitlement Service… The tiers correspond to the available authorization levels for each SOILVISION product.

  1. What effect do the SES tier selections have?

License tiers define which software capabilities are available for use. Therefore, whichever tier is selected, the corresponding features tied to that tier will be enabled in the software.

Geotechnical SELECT Entitlements may enable additional features, depending on the application.

  1. When should I set/change my selections?

If you own a specific license tier of the software then the tiers can be set on initial startup and do not need to be updated frequently. Tier selections can be set in the SOILVISION Manager and left alone thereafter. To avoid having to view the SES dialog each time opening the Manager window or a model window, the “Do not display this dialog on startup” option can be selected.

If you are charged per use of the software it may be practical to deselect the “Do not display this dialog on startup” and to revisit the tier selections frequently, adjusting the tiers according to what features are needed for the immediate analyses.

  1. When do my SES selections change automatically?

SES tier selections will update automatically when opening a model that requires a higher tier than what is set in the SES dialog. For example, if the SVSLOPE tier is set to 2D SVSLOPE in the SES dialog but a 3D SVSLOPE model is opened, the SES selection will automatically update to 2D/3D SVSLOPE (or 2D/3D SVSLOPE Advanced depending on features enabled in the specific model). Upon doing so, the software checks this tier against the authorized license level associated to the user-account to determine if the software has access to this updated tier. If permitted, the user can proceed to work in the opened model. If not permitted, the user will be prompted with a notice that they do not have authorization to use that authorization level.

Importantly: regardless of the permissions determined by checking the license level, the SES dialog remains set to the tier, as automatically adjusted; therefore, the user must manually reset the SES tier selection if wanted.