Adjusting Spacing


OpenRoad SignCAD 2023




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Bentley Global Technical Support 

Introduction:  The instructions and video below show how to adjust object spacing on a sign in OpenRoads SignCAD to match the sign details. The D15-1 sign is used in this example.

Step 1: In OpenRoad SignCAD, open the D15-1 sign or another sign file and pick General>Properties to bring up the File Properties.

Step 2: Use the Element Selection tool and left-click on the US Route marker in the sign to select it. A small white box will appear in the center of the route marker once it is selected.

Step 3: In the US Route Marker Properties, click in the Spacing field and select the button with the three dots to access the object spacing values. Spacing can be set for top, left, right and bottom for each object. 

The spacing between two objects is controlled by the object with the largest spacing value. The other object spacing is noncontrolling.

Step 4: When the Use Simple Spacing box is checked, the same spacing value is applied to all sides (top, left, right and bottom) of the selected object (ex: route marker). To set different spacing values for each side of the object, uncheck the Use Simple Spacing box. Change the Top spacing = 8 and the Bottom spacing = 6 to match the sign details. Left-click on the Spacing field to accept the changes and then left-click on the workspace to de-select the route marker.

Step 5: Select NORTH and change the Top Spacing value = 7 in the Text PropertiesLeft-click on the Spacing field to accept the change and then left-click on the workspace to de-select NORTH. 

Step 6: Select the R3-5L sign and in the Standard Sign Panel Properties, pick the Panel Spacing field to set the Bottom spacing = 5. Left-click on the Panel Spacing field to accept the change and then left-click on the workspace to de-select the R3-5L sign. 

Step 7: The D15-1 sign spacing now matches the sign details.