Sets the reference file grayscale display to highlight the master model

 Version:CONNECT, 2023


In practical design work we often encounter a need to make the reference file display as grayscale and set a certain degree of transparency so as to better highlight the display of content in the main model.

So how can this be implemented?


1. Open the reference file dialog box and select the reference file line you want to adjust.

2. Click the Adjust Colors menu under Properties to open the Adjust Colors dialog box.

3. As shown in the figure below, adjust the saturation of the reference file to 0 and the transparency to 50%. As shown in the figure below:

The results are as follows:

4. Advanced question:

If model A refers to B, B refers to C. After we have performed the above settings on C in B, we will not see the color adjustment effect of C when we turn on A.

In this case, you need to set the configuration variable MS_NEST_COLORADJUSTMENT=1 to achieve the effect of nested display.

To complicate matters further, 50% saturation is set for C in B and 60% saturation is set for B in A.

If this variable is not set, both B and C will see 60% saturation in A.

If this variable is set, B will still have a saturation of 60%, while C will show a saturation of 30% in A (60%*50%)

5. More advanced questions:

If you encounter this Adjust Colors does not work, please check whether there is -CAPABILITY_REF_ADJUSTCOLORS under the _USTN_CAPABILITY of the hidden configuration variable, if so, please cancel this setting, and the function can be used.

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 Original Author:Andrew Bell