How to install font in the Promis.e and Bentley Substation

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Text Tools
 Subarea:Font installer



Font.rsc is located in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Promise V8i/(Bentley Substation)\WorkSpace\System\symb

In this “font.rsc” there are several text types (refer the below image).

Add text type by using particular Key-in but there should be Fontutilities.dll file in machine C:\Program Files (x86) \Bentley\Promise V8i(Bentley Substation)\Promise\mdlsys\asneeded

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Click Utilities > Key-in

  2. Call two Key-ins, Mdl load Font utilities and then Font utilities dialog, as the second Key-in get entered Font Utilities dialog pop-ups

  3. Browser the RSC file where it is located and save it.

     By using the above two key-in, install the desired font RSC file

    Example: - SEC-ERB Font
    can be install in the font type by using above steps.

 Original Author:Avanti Khandalkar

keywords :Promis.e ; Bentley Substation ;Text tools