No right-click menu appears

Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
Environment: N\A
Area: Installation_Configuration
Subarea: N/A

Problem Description

When I right-click symbols, wires, title blocks, etc. on any page in any project, the expected pop up menu does not appear.

Steps to Resolve

Only open project pages using [[Project Manager]] or ProjectWise Explorer if integrated with ProjectWise. If page drawings are opened using File > Open, they are not considered intelligent pages and the Promis.e/Substation right-click menus will not appear.

If pages are opened with [[Project Manager]] and the problem occurs, do the following.

  1. Close the software.
  2. Delete or rename the user application data folder for the software:
    [[Application Data (per-user configuration) - promis.e]]
    [[Application Data (per-user configuration) - Substation]]

Note: If the problem only occurs on certain pages, then the problem is likely due to page data loss or corruption and the above will not help.

In one case, this problem occurred during a workday of docking and undocking the affected laptop while Promis.e was always used while docked. Undocking the laptop made the right-click menu appear. It may be best to close Promis.e/Substation before docking or undocking the laptop.

 Original Author:Matt_P

Keywords: context menu, reset menu, nothing happens